Flirty Aprons: 18% off Through June 30th

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I think these aprons are just adorable!  Right now, you can get a great deal on Flirty Aprons.  There are a couple of ways you can save right now.  Here’s how to get the maximum savings on your apron:

1.  Log into or sign up on your Shop at Home Account

2.  Search for Flirty Aprons and click the store link when it comes up – doing this will earn you 8% cash back.

3.  Select your item(s) and then use the code CJ32 at checkout.  This will save you an additional 18% off of the purchase price.

Here is an example of a possible scenario and the net out of pocket cost:

$29.95  Women’s Cherry Blossom Apron (pictured above)
 –   5.40  18% discount
$ 24.55
–   1.96   8% cash back through Shop at Home*
–   5.00   First Purchase Shop at Home Bonus*
$ 17.59
+  5.60  Shipping
$23.19  Net out of pocket

*Will be issued in the form of a check when your balance reaches $20.00.

If you prefer NOT to go through Shop at Home, you can go directly to Flirty Aprons and use the code CJ32 to save 18% off of your purchase. Whichever route you go to make your purchase, be sure to do so by June 30th — as after that the coupon code will no longer work.