Food52: Sign Up for FREE $10 Credit

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There is a foodie site called Food52.  They share tips and recipes with readers all over the country.  You will find projects and even get answers to some of your questions!

They are launching a new section on the site called Provisions.  Right now, they are offering a FREE $10 credit to anyone who signs up!!  When they launch the deals, which will be items you can use for cooking and dining, you will be able to redeem your credit.  We don’t know about shipping charges or pricing, but at least you will have your credit waiting for you when you do sign up!

Once you join, invite your family and friends as you can earn a free credits as well when they sign up – $25 per person!  Might be a great way to build up some free credits so you can update some of those items in your kitchen!

Thanks Megan!