Free Bagel Fridays & $2 Bagel Tuesdays at Einstein Bros

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Starting this Friday, April 9th, you can get a free bagel!  Head on over to the Einstein Bros Facebook Fan Page and click on offers.  You’ll find a couple of reusable coupons:

* $2.00 Bagel, Shmear & Coffee Tuesdays (through May 19th)
* Free Bagel Friday (through May 22nd)


  1. Eric in OP (also KCJohnGalt at SD) says

    DON’T use the store locator on the Einstein Brothers website – it’s way out of date and shows at least 2 stores in the Overland Park area that were closed a long time ago.

    Instead, use this PDF of locations from their site, as the above stores are not listed there so it’s got to be more current:

    p.s. Thanks for posting this, there’s a location near me I never knew about and I LOVE real bagels with smoked salmon and cream cheese!