Free Better Homes & Gardens Pumpkin Pie Scented Wax Cube

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Pop on over to Better Homes & Gardens on Facebook to request your free sample Pumpkin Pie Scented Wax Cube.  I have to admit that I am sitting here wondering “What in the heck is a wax cube?”  Anyone know!?

Thanks, MoJo Savings!


  1. mykidsandi says

    A wax cube is a cube that you put into those ‘wax warmers’ that have a candle under them to heat the wax and make the house smell good. I saw them at walmart the other day. I didn’t care for the pumpkin pie flavored one. I LOVE the apple cider/spice one though. I have one in my warmer right now and this brand is great! Smells the entire house up like hot apple cider!

  2. Holly says

    A wax cube is like scentsy wax. BHG has their own warmers and scents of wax. You can find them in walmarts, and this will be one square of the wax so people can smell it and see if they like it.

  3. Cassie says

    i think they mean wax cubes like you use in a wax warmer… like scentsys, or walmarts bhg brand warmers…

  4. Tressy says

    A wax cube is a little square of wax about twice the size of a sugar cube and you put it in the wax burner. better homes and gardens makes really pretty wax warmers. 🙂