1. Sarah says

    Is this going to be posted at a certain time or do I just write on their Wall? Thanks for the info!

    • Tracie says

      I am sure it will be on their wall -we have to wait for them to announce it. I just wanted to remind everyone so you can be watching for it.

  2. Hannah S. says

    It went live at 12 EST and it got pretty jammed up. Dont get frustrated. Just keep refreshing. These will go fast they have 200,000 to give out.

  3. Jamie E. says

    I have never tried the Suave Professionals, but want to see if it is as good as my Biolage!!!

    • says

      I’ve been using Suave Professions since the lady that does my hair uses it now! And I love it! My daughters hair isnt processed so it makes her hair get too oily but I love it as much as Biolage!