Free Housecleaning For Women With Cancer

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I am sure that many of us have had personal experiences with cancer.  Be it a family, friend or even ourselves.  So, you understand how important it is to take care of yourself and focus on your recovery and not day to day things around your house – such as cleaning.  That’s what Cleaning for a Reason thinks too.

This is an amazing organization that has more than 800 companies who have teamed up to provide house cleaning services to women with cancer.  It doesn’t matter what kind of cancer nor even how severe her case.  They really, truly want to help.

If you know someone who could benefit from this service, get in touch with them.  I know at moments like that is when we want to help most and maybe this is one way you can do just that — by giving her one less thing to worry about.

Thanks, Homemaking Expert!


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    Thanks for this wonderful reminder. I have a friend who does the Cleaning for a Reason through her cleaning business, and know people who have participated in this program. It never dawned on me to keep the blog posts/reminders going so people find out about this wonderful opportunity. Bless you for the reminder. I’ll blog about it asap!