Free KIND Bar

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When you join the KIND Movement you can get a free KIND Bar.  All you need to do is accept a KIND Mission by July 5th.   Just head over here and click on Option 1 (image above).  Follow the steps as prompted.  You will receive an email with a mission, which is:

On KIND Tuesday, July 5 (or ANY time before midnight on July 5th KIND Tuesday!), give a thank-you note to someone who protects you – this could be a local police officer, a member of the military, your spouse or significant other, or anyone who puts your safety first.

If you agree to accept the mission, you will be able to email an invitation to two friends, who can also receive a free KIND bar.

(If you can not get the direct link above to work, you can try to type this address — removing the extra spaces: http:// /world /get-involved)


  1. Heather D. says

    I just joined the KIND movement and sent an email invitation to two friends. Does KIND email me a coupon for my free KIND bar and if so, do they email it after July 5th? Thanks PPM!

  2. Lena says

    I just signed up yesterday and they sent me an email today stating that they are out of the free bars. I think they should let customers know before they go through the hassle of filling out the form. =(