Free Mead Organizer for Educators

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If you are an educator (that means homeschooling parents are included), you can regsiter at Mead and get a free organizer!  Head over here and fill out the form.  (There is one section that asks for a registration code.  This item is not required in order to process your registration – just leave it blank.) 

The link does not appear to be working for some of you, so try to cipy and paste this into your browser:{70164598-565A-4D17-B976-DB6246B39670

Also – I have a registration code you can use, which might also help you to get the organizer:  E1A1M01F.  The organizer will be mailed to you – you should not have to opt in to receive it.


  1. says

    The link is not working for me for some reason. 🙁 I went to the site and registered but I can’t find where to get the organizer.