Free PediCare, Candy Bars and Bayer Meters at CVS!

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I just wanted to make sure that you noticed these three FREEBIES this week at CVS!!

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    i have some comments regarding Holiday candy sales. (Mars Chocolate Singles ad “sparked” it. )

    Last week I was in an unplanned trip to Wal-Mart & saw the candy in the carts at the entrance. Of course, I browsed & saw bags of Gingerbread M & Ms I couldn’t find before Xmas. I grabbed 2 & retrieved my $1 coupon. I ended up getting 2 bags for 0.94 cents each.

    A few days later, I got out on purpose 1/2 thinking it would be all gone or in a very short supply. Well, I was so wrong. Walgreens & Homeland still had ample supply. After getting home, then, I thought to check the expiration dates. (I did on some I wished to save for other occasions.) However, ALL of it had LATE 2014 & EVEN 2015 expiration dates!! I was in SHOCK! So, if I can keep my grubby little hands (& mouth : ) out of it, perhaps I can use even more for future gifts.

    So, if you bought any Xmas sale candy, check those dates. By doing so, you may be as surprised as moi. ; )