Free Photo Calendar

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Free Calendar for the School Year!

If you are anything like me, the minute back to school comes around, your schedule fills up in the blink of an eye.  For me, I need to see the events/dates/times every single day, so I keep a calendar on my refrigerator.    I love using these free ones from Vistaprint to keep up on our events.  The calendar is of course free, but you will need to pay shipping charges of around $5.67.

I can create one of a kind images on each page.  Not only that, I can add my OWN events including birthdays, anniversaries, holidays that we celebrate — anything at all.  Not only do I love making my own, I also love to make them for my kids’ grandparents and include these dates PLUS all of the school events that they need to know about.  It is so much simpler to give them the calendar filled out with the details than to remember to call and remind them about that upcoming music concert – it is right there for them.  Head to Vistaprint to make your free calendar.

(Note:  If you decide to add any special graphics or colored reminders or things along that line, you will have some additional charges.)