Free Printable Tax Prep Checklist

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This checklist is a MUST for every person who files taxes! Prepare all of your forms before you sit down to start working - so you don't forget a thing!

It’s that time of the year again.  Taxes.  Ugh.  They are never fun to complete but what can make it worse is when you don’t have all of your paperwork ready when you sit down to work on them.

Whether you complete your own taxes or use a provider, it is important that you have everything you will need. Some firms may send a checklist to you, but even if they do, there may be items they don’t have specifically listed, which can delay the preparation (or worse yet – accuracy).

When our taxes were pretty basic, we always filed them ourselves on line.  It was so easy to do and the program we used made sure we covered all sections before filing.  It was really pretty straight forward. However, now that we own a small business, it is definitely much more complicated.  That is why we hire someone.




Sure, I could save myself a little bit of money if I prepared them all myself, but honestly, that fee is what I just say is insurance.  I know that they are being properly prepared.  I don’t have any worries that I failed to include any information or answered something incorrectly.  If you are ever uncomfortable preparing your own taxes, it is always best to just pay for someone to do them for you (but make sure you use a reputable firm and not someone who had 2 weeks of tax prep training).

In order to help make sure that you don’t forget anything important, we’ve prepared a FREE Tax Prep Checklist!  You can download below! Just sign up below and we’ll send the list to you within 24 hours!  That’s IT!



As far as coming up with a free way to actually pay your taxes?  Sorry — but you’re on your own!  😉

*I am not a tax professional. Consult  your tax professional to confirm if additional items are required.

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