Free RealCup K-Cup Sample Box

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Hurry on over and request a free 3-box sample of RealCup K-Cups.  You will need to first LIKE their page.  Then, fill out the form and hit submit.  I received my email in less than 30 seconds after doing so, letting me know that my sample was on it’s way.

There are reports that this will NOT work on a mobile device, so if you have problems, try a desktop or laptop instead.  I just requested mine using my laptop and had no problems at all.

Update:  A reader mentioned that using Safari on a mobile device worked fine for her.  So, you might try that if you can’t get this to work (thanks Jamie)!

Thanks Coupon Pro!


  1. grace says

    its a free 3 cups sample, it’s misleading to say its a 3 box sample is misleading. thanks.