Free Redbox Rental Code (Facebook Link)

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I’ll admit that the only way that my husband and I watch movies anymore is through Redbox.  In fact, what we always do is log into our account and then rent our movies on line.  Then, one of us just drives up to the kiosk and picks up the movies.  So much easier than standing there thumbing through the list – just to find what we want is out of stock.

You can actually score a FREE Redbox rental right now.  Head on over to their Facebook page and like them.  Once you do that, just click on the Redbox link in the side bar to find the code!  Don’t you love a little bit of free?!!?


  1. lynne says

    That is a code that has been around well over six months now. Anybody that has lloked up and used online codes in the past has already redeemed it. :-{

  2. Tracie says

    But not everyone has used it. That is why I post reminders such as this. People don’t realize that there is a code so I am just sharing it with those people. I know that people appreciate knowing about this offer.

  3. mona says

    I appreciate it a lot. I didn’t know about the code. And we don’t go to movies in movie theater so I can catch one of the movies up for an Oscar! Yeah! Thanks for all you do 🙂