1. Dana says

    I love this BBQ Sauce…it is the only kind I will buy. I tried to get the free sample but didnt get a con. saying it was going to be sent so not sure if it worked or not. I did it twice and no con. Maybe I will try again later.

  2. shelley says

    Dear Tracie:
    Thanks so much for sending the info the Free Samples – They are so great.
    I wondered if you were ever in touch with the manufacturers themselves, because I was thinking in particular the Bulls Eye Barbecue Sauce, after filling out the form they are going to send you 2 1oz packets. So I was thinking for Bulls Eye it might make more sense just to enclose a free coupon for the product. I mean it probably costs as much to have the sample sent out, maybe even more and for the price of a postcard they could send a coupon. Just a thought.