Free Sample of Hugo Boss Orange (Women’s Fragrance)

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Hugo Boss has a free sample offer — Hugo Boss Orange (women’s fragrance).  You can get yours by going over here and then selecting Free Sample from the menu.  Fill in the form and you can get yours in a few weeks!

Sorry everyone — I was provided this information and didn’t request the sample myself, so I didn’t realize it wasn’t available in the good ole USA!  Bummer!!!!!


  1. Jean says

    Apparently this is not valid for the U.S. As I was filling out the form and came to the country field, the U.S. is not an option! I tried submitting it without changing the country field, but it wouldn’t accept it… anyone else have trouble? any solutions??

  2. says

    were you able to sumbit? It’s not giving me the option of USA for country… The website says so maybe not available here?

  3. Angie says

    When I went to fill it out I did not see USA in the list for country. Did I just not see it or is anymone else having this problem?

  4. Cathy says

    Is this no longer good in the US? I can’t find US on the list of countries. Or am I just blind?

  5. Anna B. says

    I may be missing something, but I was unable to find the United States in the list of countries! So I couldn’t get a sample. 🙁

  6. sue bowling says

    no place for americans on that boss site now(7pm az time) or at noon today,3/22/10. oh well.