1. Ami says

    I received samples of these in the mail and used them and they were fantastic! I never took the time to compare if I’d save money by using the all-in-one approach vs. buying three separate products, but I’ll take all the samples I can get my hands on. The laundry came out smelling really good and really soft!

  2. Karen says

    Purex isn’t my favorite detergent, however it’s one of the few that my husband isn’t allergic to. I love the fact that I can just stick the whole sheet in with a load and forget about it, however it doesn’t seem to have a lot of stain removing power. (I usually use Era or All depending on what’s on sale/have coupons for.) I also dislike the fact that the sheets are pricy. I usually buy dryer sheets at Sam’s Club and get laundry detergent on sale, so I probably wouldn’t buy these unless I found a great sale and had a coupon.