Free Samples from Sample Showcase: Opens at 12:15 EST

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I shared this last week, but in case you missed it, you will want to get signed up to see if you can’t get in on a free offer from Sample Showcase.  You can actually end up getting a box filled with 6 – 12 samples.  The last time I received this, there were not very many coupons included – but the samples were great!

Keep in mind that you are signing up to see if you QUALIFY.  I am sure the site will be inundated with requests, so you’ll have to be patient.  Many of us won’t qualify, but hopefully several of you do!

Remember- this is live at 12:15 EST — which is in about 15 minutes!!!


  1. Hannah S. says

    I signed-up several days ago and waited for the box to become available this morning now the page is not working at all. Any suggestions??

  2. BethP says

    Hannah, I had trouble getting the page to load earlier, and now I get the following message: “StartSampling’s Sample Showcase servers are overloaded.
    To stop frustrating so many of you, we are taking things down for a bit.
    Check back later – there are plenty of boxes yet to be ordered!

    Thanks for your patience.”

    Looks like there are lots of us interested in these boxes! 😀