Free Stuff From Coke

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Are you a Coca-Cola drinker? If so, you have probably seen the 10-digit codes inside of the boxes. And, most you probably just toss them into the trash. I have one word for you — STOP!!!

You can log into and input the codes. You accumulate various points based upon the product size:

3 Points – 20 oz
10 Points – 12-Pack
20 Points – 24-Pack

Once you input these points you can cash them in on lots of GREAT freebies. Yes, they use to have coupons for $1.00/1 12-packs or even free ones, but those are no more. However, they still have coupons for free 20 oz beverages, magazines and clothing. There are even gift cards towards Nike merchandise available.

So, when you grab an ice cold Coca-Cola, be sure to save you box or screw-on top and work your way towards lots of free merchandise!!