Free Suave Full Size Professionals

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A couple of months back, many of you were able to get a coupon good for a FREE Sauve Professionals product.  Starting today, Suave will be offering new coupons each Monday — which will get you 2 free products.  There are a limited number of coupons/offers each week, so if you miss out, try again next Monday.

To get yours, you just need to watch videos and then at the end, take a quiz.  If you answer correctly, you will receive two free full-size Suave Professionals products or coupons. After the site loads, you will see 8 icons at the bottom, each one for a different video to watch and then you select which model was styled with Suave Professionals.  (Here’s a hint – professionals are not always right.)  If you get 3 answers correct, you will get one offer and if you get 4 or more correct, you will recieve 2 free full sized products!

Thanks, Freebies 4 Mom!


  1. Christy says

    I can’t get this site to load its comes up with a black screen and there is nothing. I have left it for 5 min now and still nothing.

  2. says

    I wish I saw your answers before playing. I got 4 right which is only 1 free product. Well it does stink that it said I got 1 wrong before I even started playing.

  3. Jenn says

    Thank you Angela! Of course, I got 5 answers right with your help but still only got 1 free product. Maybe they are out of the 2 free offers already..

  4. Taiisha says

    It said they will mail me my coupon for 2 free products in 6-8weeks. I used my own answers 🙂 This was fun!

  5. Emily says

    You have to answer all questions to get the 2 free products. That was awesome thank you for sharing

  6. April says

    It tells me I’ve already done it. I did do it last time. Do you think each week will be a new opportunity or if we’ve done it we’re done?

  7. says

    I also got 5 right & 1 without the above help. THANKS!! However, I too only received 1 free product. Guess it’s better then nothing, right?

  8. Mary says

    It worked for me! I got 2 free products! I could have never done that with out Angela’s help — thanks Angela! And thank you Tracie for posting this!

  9. Debbie says

    I can’t get video to load either. Wonder if they are out or if something is wrong?? Would love to take test and get coupons.