Free Suave Professionals

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You can get free Suave Professionals products right now.  Juts head over to their site and click the icons at the bottom of the page and watch some videos (there are 8).  Answer the question during the video.  Don’t claim your prize until you watch all of them. If you get 4 correct, you will get a 2 coupons for free products.  If you happen to get all 8 correct, you’ll be entered into a contest to win a year’s worth of products!

Thanks, Swaggrabber!


  1. carmen says

    its not working for me 🙁 its just frozen on the initial black screen playing music. oh well guess i’ll wait til tomorrow and see if they give out those same free product coupons on fb!

  2. Beckie says

    If you answer 4 right, you can get coupons for 2 free items mailed to your house. Just make sure when you redeem the prize, you check the 2 free items option. If not, it will automatically give you a lesser coupon to print. 🙂

  3. Beth says

    It kept freezing up on me, and I only got 3 right, but I still got the option of 1 free product coupon at the end!! YAY!!

  4. Sarah says

    I got 5 right but they are down to only getting 1 free product and coupons… but it’s still a good deal— had no trouble watching all 8 videos..