Free Uddercovers (Read Disclosure Carefully)

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Here is a great free offer for Uddercovers.   If you don’t know what these are, they are soft coverings that allow moms to nurse more freely in public and feel covered up at the same time.  You can get one for FREE by using the code Thanksgiving at checkout – just pay shipping.

Thanks Robyn!

DISCLOSURE:  You may wish to proceed with this offer at your own discretion.  There have been reports that some people were charged incorrectly or orders canceled — and others have never had a single issue.  Penny Pinchin’ Mom has no control over the activities and policies of this company.


  1. Kate says

    I have used a free coupon from Uddercovers before and had no problems at all. I tried the code today just to see and it did work. Happy shopping!

  2. Courtney says

    I love my cover. I did this same deal last year and told several of my friends about it. We all received them and couldn’t be happier!

    Have you seen the promo for the free baby sling from Promo “babies”, just pay shipping.

    • Tracie says

      Thanks for that code too Courtney! Def another good one too – I’ll have to pass that along as well. And I am glad that you’ve never had problems – that makes me feel better about sharing this information.

  3. Suzy says

    I got a sling from Seven Slings (owned by same company I believe) and received product and am happy with it. It took forever to receive the item and I thought business was a little shady, but I had a successful transaction.

  4. Sarah W says

    I ordered a cover from them last year. After at least 2 months of not receiving it ( I had a baby and forgot about it) I called them and it was sent within a week. The same thing happened to my sister. They are very cute though!