*GONE* Free Yopalit 4 Pack Kids Cup Coupons – Limited To First 20

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THIS COUPON IS GONE  — thanks for stopping by!

One thing we love in our house is yogurt.  However, ever since my oldest was little we haven’t called it yogurt – we called it ice cream.  In fact, my kids STILL call it ice cream – and that works for me!  After all, why not?  It is a yummy dairy treat – but this one is a little better for them than ice cream.

If you are looking for a healthy snack for your children or grandchildren, here’s your chance to do so for FREE!!  The first 20 readers who click the link above and follow the steps will get a coupon for a free 4 pack of Yoplait Kids Yogurt!  I know these will go EXTREMELY fast, so get yours while you can! 

Yoplait provided me with this giveaway through My Blog Spark.  Penny Pinchin’ Mom received nothing in exchange for hosting the giveaway and all comments/opinions are my own.


  1. Christina Fowler says

    newbie here ! I like your post already as I am a bargain shopper and mom myself 🙂

  2. Betsy says

    Uggghhh finally got through then I couldn’t get it free cause it’s void in CA and the link for the $.50 coupon is broken….sheesh….try compatibility view if it’s not working.

    • Tracie says

      Dang – I have no way of knowing any void issues since I didn’t get one. This link is directly from Yoplait, just hosted here, so if there are issues, it is something on their end, unfortunately.

  3. LoriN says

    I just get a message saying I can’t get free yogurt because of the state I live in, but I don’t live in any of the excluded states. So there is a coupon offer but there is an error.

  4. Jen Kercheff says

    Are you kidding me.. I finally get a correct picture which shows the link and it says I’m ineligilbe.. WHY? I am not in one of states that are not allowed to participate. What a waste of time!

    • Tracie says

      The free coupons are gone and that is the message. There were only 20, so it was first come first serve.

  5. Janice K. says

    On the picture there is “Free Yogurt” click on that and a little screen pops up and asks you for your info.

  6. Marlana Boyer says

    Comes up saying my state isn’t avaliable, but it didn’t even ask my state or anything. I live in PA. 🙁

  7. Elena says

    I tried and its void in CA. But thank you for giving others the chance to get free yogurt. It’s disappointing to see others say it’s a waist of time, even though tracie is taking time out of her day to post these great offers. Thanks again.

    • Tracie says

      Thanks Elena! Believe me – it is as frustrating on my end when offers aren’t available to everyone. I wish that there were HUNDREDS of these, but we don’t have that this time around.