Frugal Ways To Have Fun With Your Kids!

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I can’t wait until the day that I have my first child. Until then, I’ll keep doing planning for fatherhood. Now, by my estimations, kids are expensive and inflation based increases in pay aren’t going to be enough for me to be able to be a good penny pinchin’ dad. I’m going to have to come up with ways to save money when it comes to the simple things. You know, those things that are most important in life. Things like having fun with your kids and creating memories that they will tell your great grandchildren long after you pass! I’ve talked to a few of my friends about what they do to have fun and, it all seemed quite expensive. So, I figured, today I’ll come up with 3 frugal ways to have fun with your kids! Here they are….

Jenga – Retail Price…$16.20 – Fun It Provides…$Priceless!

Alright, so we have all heard of the game Jenga. A simple game involving a bunch of stacked blocks and a few steady hands trying to weaken the structure for their opponents without knocking down the tower. I remember playing this game when I was a kid and all the conversations we had around the game were great! A pretty neat thing my friends Jackie and Brian are doing with their kids actually involves this game. About once a month, they set it up on the counter in the kitchen. The rule is, every time you walk by the tower, you have to take a turn. They’ll be sitting around the house watching a movie and…CRASH, someone got thirsty and had to take a turn to get to a drink! The conversations and laughter that follows really is priceless!

The Good Old Outdoors – Where You Can Have A Great Time For Free!

Even if you have absolutely no money to spend, it’s still possible to have fun with your children. For instance, here in Oregon, we are right at the base of Mt. Hood so, we have a lot of national parks, designated hiking zones, rivers, water falls, ect… around and, it’s all free! Well, in some parks, you may have to pay $5.00 for parking but, it’s well worth it! Even if you don’t live at the base of a mountain, I’ve driven across the United States in a move from Florida to Oregon and, I didn’t see too many cities that didn’t have close by parks, nature preserves and more. Taking kids on a hike and teaching them about the natural beauty the world has to offer is not only fun, it’s a great, free educational development tool!

Have A Monthly Scavenger Hunt

Another great, free way to have fun with your kids is to have a monthly scavenger hunt. All you need to do is walk around the house and look in areas where, you wouldn’t normally look for anything and write a list of the things that you find. When the kids wake up, cook a nice breakfast and at the end of breakfast, surprise them with a scavenger hunt…the first one to find all the items on the list get’s to pick what’s for lunch!

Did You Notice A Trend?

One thing that you didn’t read here is me telling you to stare at a screen for an hour and a half. One thing that I noticed with just about all of my friends is because they didn’t know of anything else that was free to do, they watched T.V. with their children and called it family time! Well, that’s fine but, the best time spent with your children or at least my children is going to be that quality time where attention is given to one another and not to a screen. That being said, I’d love to hear some of your frugal ideas to have fun with your kids. Leave a comment below if you have any!

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