Frugality: Holiday Cards

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With the holidays upon us and Christmas and Holiday cards sneaking up our to-do list finding a good deal on them is not always easy.  Buying a box of 12 basic cards in the store can run you about $8-$10, which is over $0.66 a card.  And personalized photo cards from online companies are anywhere from $0.80 to $1.00/each.

So what are some other options you have to help cut cost on personalized cards?  Grab your camera, a nice backdrop, and a prop or two and start snapping photos of the family.  Backdrops can be as easy as a solid sheet hung up or the Christmas tree you have up.  If you have young kids you can use fun props such as Santa hats, ornaments, bows, or a favorite holiday decoration.  One of the great thing about this day and age is digital photography.  You can take hundreds of photos to get that one good one and it doesn’t cost you any extra!

Once you have your photos on your computer you can use a free photo editing software like Google Picasa.  You can do everything from shading, cropping, fixing the red eye, or even straightening a crooked photograph (because you were trying to get the kids to cooperate and just point and shoot with your camera).  Once you have your one photo or multiple photos the way you like them, you can then take as many as you want and make a 4×6 collage using the same software.  Don’t forget to add in some text with the year and your seasons greetings.

Once you have your Holiday card made into a 4×6 you can order it online as a 4×6 photo print for much cheaper than purchasing holiday cards.

Right now you can get 4×6 photos from Walgreens for only $0.10 each with an order of 50+ prints.  If you choose in store pick-up there are no shipping fees either.

Or head over to Vista Print and get 100 post cards for free (just pay S&H) and you can upload your own image.  The bonus to post cards is the postage to send them is less too.  If you choose this option make sure you check the size of the post card and make your photo collage the correct size so your whole image ends up on the card.

How do you save money on your holiday cards?


  1. Mary says

    I have not had good luck with cards from Vistaprint. They color came back very odd on the cards.
    If I order personalized cards, I always try and use a coupon code that gives me a percentage off plus free shipping.
    Most years we just go to Penneys and get our family pic taken there. I always have a coupon either from local coupon inserts or from my Happenings book that gives us 50% off any picture order (including cards) plus no sitting fee. Usually I can get 160 cards for just over $70 which is pretty close in price to personalized cards from the internet sites. Plus I don’t have to find a picture from the last year that we took!

  2. says

    This is a great idea. I bought blank cards and some paint and plan on having my little kids do some art work. I want to include a photo, and am thinking about doing wallet size that I can paste the card. However, I like you idea of making my own holiday photo card. Photography is a hobby, so I have plenty of images to work with. Thanks for the info.