Frugality: Holiday Centerpieces In Less Than 10 Minutes and Under $5

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A reader shared a great way to create centerpieces for the upcoming holidays with things you already have around the home.  What is one thing most couponers have lots of in their stockpile?  Toilet paper! (well and toothpaste too)  But for this quick 5 minute craft you’ll only need the toilet paper.

With a short list of supplies it won’t take long to gather everything together:
– One Roll of Toilet Paper
– A Fabric Square approximately 18″x18″
– Floral Filler, or other tall table like decorations


First you’ll need to place the roll of toilet paper into the middle of the fabric.  Then pull up the four sides and tuck them into the middle of the roll of toilet paper.  Next pull the four corners up and into the center of the toilet paper and push down.

To finish up this centerpiece, insert the filler into the middle of the Toilet Paper roll and your centerpiece is now ready to go.

If you don’t have extra fabric around the house you can use a solid color sheet, old shirt, sweater, blanket, or check the clearence area in the fabric department at your local store.

When looking for things to put in the middle of your centerpiece use your imagination!  For a fall themed one you can step outside and get some branches and fall colored leaves.  When winter comes around you can use some evergreen stems and add cranberries.  The possibilities are endless.

Thanks, Rebecca!