Fun For Kids: Clean Mud with Free Ivory Soap From Walgreens

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Have you had a chance to pick up your pack of FREE Ivory Soap at Walgreens yet?  This month they have 3pk of Ivory Soap on sale for $0.99, use the $1/1 Ivory Soap or Body wash from 7/1 P&G and you can grab some for free!  If your store doesn’t have it marked make sure to do a price check.  Quite a few of the stores locally do not have sale signs up, but they do ring up at $0.99.

Now what to do with that Free Ivory soap?  How about a fun activity for the kids!

What you’ll need to make Clean Mud:
3 Bars of Ivory Soap
1 to 2 rolls of toilet paper
Hot water (not  scalding) – I just used hot tap water
large bowl or container
Shred the Ivory Soap, tear up that Toilet Paper and put them into the large bowl or container.  My kids had a BLAST unrolling the toilet paper and tearing it up without getting in trouble!  I think that might have been more fun than the “mud” itself.  Next, add hot water to the mixture and start mixing away.  If you happen to add too much water, just grab another roll of toilet paper and tear some more up (how do I know this you ask? I let the 3 yr old add the water!)
The end consistency reminded me of a thick shaving cream.  So you can add ingredients as needed as I’m sure which toilet paper you use will depend on your final consistency also.
Thanks, The Chocolate Muffin Tree for the recipe!