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One thing that we use in our house a lot is hand sanitizer.  There is actually a way that you can get 8 oz bottles of Germ-X and MAKE $2.21!!  Here is how this deal can work for you:

  1. Log into or create an account at Ebates.  This will get you 6% cash back + $5 for first time purchases.
  2. Search for Drugstore.com and click the link to activate your shopping trip.
  3. Find Germ-X on sale for $0.99 each.
  4. There is a special offer where if you buy 3, you can get one free.  Check that box and then add 4 to your shopping bag.
  5. Head to checkout – and you will see the total in your cart is just $2.97
  6. Log into your Shoprunner account (remember if you are new to Shoprunner, you can get a free 30 day trial).
  7. Proceed with checkout and your total for all 4 shipped will be $2.97.
  8. Within 5 – 7 days, you will have $0.18 in your cart.  If you are new to Ebates, you will actually get a credit of $5.18 — which makes this a money maker of $2.21!!!

Even if you decide no to go through Ebates, you can still get 4 bottles for only $2.97 out of pocket – or $0.70 each.  That is still a really good deal!

Definitely check out all of the deals on Drugstore.com because you can use your free shipping through Shoprunner for anything – and no minimum purchase requried!