Get a $30 Shutterfly Credit When Transfer Your Photos from Photoworks

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Photoworks is closing down their site.  They don’t want to leave their customers high and dry though.  Right now, you can get a $30 credit when you transfer your photos to Shutterfly.  Follow these steps to get yours:

  1. Log into or create an account at Shutterfly (you will get 50 free prints if you create a new account).
  2. Head over to Photoworks and follow the steps to transfer your photos.
  3. You will receive an email from Shutterfly with your unique code to apply your credit.

Thanks, Swaggrabber!


  1. Dawn says

    This is great! I already got my $30 credit sent to me email. Sad that photoworks is going (I only used them a few times), but I use Shutterfly alot. Thanks!