Get a Free Will

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Do you have a will? If you have children and you don’t, have you thought at all about what might happen to them if something happens to you and your spouse (even if it is an ex-spouse).

Creating a will is not fun. I did not enjoy the time spending creating ours. However, as a parent, I knew that I owed it to our children to be sure that I was looking out for them should the unimaginable ever happen.

Contrary to what you think, you don’t have to go to an attorney to draft one (unless you need a trust or have a lot more money than me). You can do it yourself. In fact, if you click the image above, you can go in and create one yourself in no time at all. Once it is signed and notarized (very important to have this done), then maybe you’ll sleep a little better at night knowing that you never have to worry about that any more.

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