Get a Peacoat for Less than $65.00 Shipped

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Need a new coat or have someone on your Christmas list who does? here is a GREAT deal at Victoria Secret!

1. Head to Shop at Home or Ebates, so you can earn 2% back on your purchase. Remember that if this is your first purchase, you can also get a $5.00 bonus!

2. Once you are logged in, search for Victoria’ Secret and click the link to go to the site.

3. When you get to the site, search for PEACOAT. A list will come up — choose one that is marked down from $128-$148.00 down to $89.99.

4. Once you put it on your cart, be sure to check the box that says you have an offer code. After you input your shipping information, you will see a screen come up to allow you to input 3 codes. Input these 2:

fa919801 (This will get you free shipping on your order over $50.00)
ITEM30 (This will deduct 30% from your purchase price)

The total due should show $65.71! That is already 50% off of the purchase price. But, you will ALSO earn back 2% of that amount, which is $1.31, so now, your net total paid for the coat is $64.40!! So less than $65.00 for a coat — which includes shipping!

Note that there is another coat clearanced for $69.99 and when you deduct 30% from it, your total is $48.99. So if you can find something to increase your basket to $50.00, you can run the deal that way as well!

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