Get One Month of Gymboree Classes As Much As 67% Off

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There’s a great deal available today on Groupon.  You can get one month of classes to Gymboree as much as 67% off!  

This offer is available in various cities; however, since the pricing differs, it is recommended that you if you wish to purchase this deal, you do so at the location/city where you will attend a class.    If you purchase one under a different locale, you may not be able to redeem it at the event that you will attend, as there are regional pricing differences.   To find a location nearest you, head over to the Groupon Gymboree list and then select the city in which you live.



  1. Ray says

    I just want to mention that, at least in my area, the $50 enrollment/activiation fee is currently being waived anyway, so really this is a $47 deal for $69.

    Also, be careful about open gym times. The location nearest my house has open gym time only 4 times a week, and two of those times are from 1-3 (which is the typical nap time for most toddlers), and then 615-715, which may or may not be too late for some. It is for me as we start the bedtime ritual around 715. So that leaves one open gym time available for use, and then the classes.

    In short, just make sure you do your homework on this deal.