Get Two Boxes of Checks As Low As $8.95 Shipped!

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We pay nearly all of our bills on-line these days.  However, there are still times when we need to write checks.  I was looking at the cost of checks recently and about choked!  They are so expensive if you order from your bank!

If you need checks, you can order 250 checks (2 boxes) for as little as $8.95 shipped!  Just head over to and gets started.  Enter the coupon code DB4335 at checkout and you’ll see your total for 2 boxes of single or duplicate checks drop down to just $5.05!!

One thing you will want to watch is during checkout.  There will be a place where it will ask you about the EZShield Fraud Protection program (under the product description on the order review page).  Make sure you check the NO box so you are not charged.  You will want to actually watch for this offer two different times — so make sure you don’t opt in!

Finally, if you opt for USPS Bulk shipping, you can get free shipping — but will have to pay $3.90 handling.  That brings your total for your checks to just $8.95 for two boxes of checks!

My DFW Mommy!