Gift Ideas for Teachers, Coaches….Anyone Left on Your List

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Today on Facebook, I noticed many of you were sharing that you had yet to get something for your child’s teacher, coach, dance insructor, etc.  So, what DO you get for them?  I doubt they need another “#1 Teacher” ornament for their tree.  Here are a few ideas which you might want to get:

Restaurant Gift Cards.  Pick one up to a local restaurant.  Who doesn’t love an evening off from cooking dinner?

Retail Gift Cards.  Most teachers, coaches, etc have to pay for many supplies themselves.  Why not pick up a gift card to a local store which might help defray these costs?

Books in Honor.  It is no secret that teachers want to instill a love of learning and reading in their students.  Why not donate books to your child’s library in your teacher’s honor?

Maid Service.  This is one that I would love!  Purchase 4 hours of house cleaning (or whatever increment you can afford).  I sure would love it if soemone cleaned my house for me!

Coffee Gift Basket:  Pick up a travel mug (such as the one at Starbucks today for $19.99 that has free coffee every day for the month of January).  You can add in a gift card to a local coffee shop so they can stop by and get that cup of Joe before heading out in the morning!

Baked goods.  We all love to be spoiled a little so let your kids dig in and help make a batch of yummy cookies or bread for your favorite person?

Candles/Air Fresheners.  OK – let’s face it – kids can well …um….smell.  Why not give your teacher something to help keep his/her room smelling fresh!?  Or – even for your coach – no need he/she needs to smell sweat ALL day long!

Kitchen Gadgets Basket.  Pick up neutral dishcloths, towels and gadgets to create a unique basket.

Movie Night.  You can do this by purchasing tickets for your local theatre.  Or, why not pick up microwave popcorn, a bowl and a Visa gift card loaded with money to pick up some RedBox movies giftcard sets for $5 or $10.

Magazine Gift Card.   What is great about this is that you can get it in the form of a gift card so that your recipient can decide for him/herself as to which title to receive.


Personalized  Awesome Teacher Handsoap or Hand Sanitzer Who can’t find bottles of hand sanitizer and clear labels?   Teachers spend a lot of their own money on these products – I’m sure they’d appreciate the gesture — PLUS  what a CUTE idea!! (Photo credit – Design Mom).


Create personalized clipboards.  For the cost of the clipboard from an office supply store and a little creativity you can give a unique gift! (Photo credit – One Charming Party)


Personalized Crayon Images.  How cute is this?  What a great way to use up those broken crayons in the box!  (Photo credit –

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  1. Misty says

    I just noticed yesterday that Redbox has gift cards…kind of. You can prepay for 5 rentals ($5) and they will email free rental codes to the person of your choice. Or you can have it sent to your own email if you want to print it off and give it them yourself.