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When it comes to using coupons, I always say that if you are not organized, you won’t save money.  There are many options out there, but my personal favorite is the zipper binder sytem.

The reason I love this system is that I can easily take all of my coupons with me to the store.  They are already clipped and filed by category.  That way, if I happen across an unadvertised deal in the store, I have them handy so I can turn a good deal into a great one!

You can easily create your own binder by purchasing all of the items you need individually.  However, the costs can quickly add up when you add in the binder, dividers, tabs, etc. That is why, when I saw these binders being sold by Case-It, I knew I had to share it with all of you.   I think the thing that thrilled me most of all is that the coupon sleeves are two sided!!  (Yes, it takes very little to make me happy). What a great use of your space — as that means fewer plastic sleeves to fill up your binder.  Of course this sytem zips closed as well, which is a must for any serious couponer.

Case-It sells the D-100 for only $22.49.  The system includes:

• Two 1 ½” Sets of Rings
• Package of 10 two-sided coupon sleeves.
• 3″ Capacity
• Removable Pencil Pouch
• Velcro Hold-Down Pages Secure Contents on Both Sides
• Hold-Down Pages Also Store Calculators, Pencils, Phones, and More
• Handle and Shoulder Strap
• Ripstop Material’s Square Pattern Traps Punctures to Prevent Tearing
• Patented Angled Zipper Keeps Gusset Out of the Way When Writing
• Guaranteed to Last the School Year*
I paid nearly the same amount just for my binder alone when I purchased it more than 3 years ago.  You are getting a great quality binder and MORE — which makes this a great bargain.  If you are in the market for a good system, I highly recommend that you check out Case-It!!!


One reader will receive a Case-It D-100 Coupon Binder System

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1.  What do you use right now to contain your coupons?


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  1. Melissa says

    i have about 5 envelopes full of coupons and this system just does not work! i would love to have this Case-It binder, it sounds so much easier.

  2. Dott S says

    I doubt you will believe it but I have been attempting to use baseball card holders and a 3 inch binder with a pencil holder. It really is not working so well since we have to fold the coupons in half and sometimes into fourths and then can’t see the names of the coupons. the binder does not stay shut so it sometimes opens up and we have on several occasions had to pick up all of the coupons and resort them again in the store. The school pencil organizer is not big enough for a calculator. The pockets on the binder are almost torn from using them to stick the coupons in that we are going to use and pulling then out at the check out register. Our system seems like such a step up from the accordian files that we were using but it just is not enough in today’s day when we need to save even more to make our budget go further. We would love to have an item like this.

  3. Sherry Compton says

    My daughter uses envelopes for ours. She does well separating them out into categories for each but they fall apart easily.

  4. Kim Brewster says

    I use a combination of zip up binder for the inserts placed in page protectors by date and individual sleeves (baseball card) to hold the loosey goosey ones and then I have a 3 compartment woven clutch that hold the lists and coupons I plan on using for shopping (the binder stays in the car).

  5. Susan says

    I have a coupon wallet and I also use an envelope to take the coupons I plan to use to the store.

  6. Suellyn says

    I currently have a coupon fold out small container. While there are a few sections in it, this would be so much better and easier to look through. 🙂

  7. stephanie says

    Ugh! I am new to coupons and right now my system is a mess! I have my coupons all over the place! : ( I try to short them in zipblock buggies by catogories. but my system is not working very well, I am always amazed by others in the store with there fancy cool systems!

  8. Desiree Dunbar says

    Right now I have my coupons in a shoe box, not very organized. I would love this binder!!

  9. Karen says

    Hi, I use a paper envelope for each store I shop at. I have two little dept. store bought plastic coupon holders to file the main inventory in, you know the ones that open accordian (sp) style and have an attached elastic band to hold them closed. So sad.

  10. Katie Jones says

    I use two expandable recipie pocket folders. unfortunately they do not hold all my coupons 🙁

  11. Richelle Stoner says

    I use my all in one organizer from 31, which is pretty sweet, but doesn’t hold everything! Thanks for doing the giveaway.

  12. Deb Peters says

    I soo agree that we need to be organized to save the most you can.. It’s less stressful as well. I use a binder, BUT I am not faithful at bringing it to the store, so I carry coupons in an envelope. This product seems to be more usable than just a regular binder like I have. I would love to see Case-It make a binder that is 1/2 the size but thicker..just maybe easier to carry in the stores.. just a thought..

  13. Amy says

    I use my husbands old binder from high school lol. It still has his name and doodles on it, Time to move up into the big girl world.

  14. Connie says

    Right now I use one of those cheap accordion thingies. It drives me ABSOLUTELY CRAZY. I hate it.

  15. Rachel says

    I use a check file organizer from the 1 spot at Target. Has enough room for the basic categories and eay to carry.

  16. Milian says

    Right now I use a small coupon organizer that my husband purchased for me that can strap onto shopping cart handles.

  17. Brittany W says

    I have an organizer that sorts them by type of coupon and then I put all of the ones in the front that will expire by the end of the current month.

  18. Cynthia says

    I use a small coupon organizer that I bought using coupons, which made it completely free! Using ECB from CVS to be exact. But it is no longer sufficient for the coupons I’ve accumulated. A larger one would be heavenly!

  19. Kari Seger says

    Embarassingly enough, I use an old Gateway computer disc holder. It works, but is not the cutest thing ever!

  20. Colleen says

    I use a Case It zippered binder with baseball card holders and some of the Martha Stewart coupon pages.

  21. samantha says

    Right now I use my hubby’s old baseball card holders and notebook! I thought it was super sweet because he started collecting when he was 10 and when I kept using baggies for all my coupons, he took everything out and brought me the OLD binder and holders but hey, how cool was that!

  22. Cfosh says

    I have an ancient little coupon organizer with homemade index card dividers, would love a fancy new one! 😉

  23. philip says

    I just started couponing and I don’t have a good organization system yet. Right now I’m just keeping my coupons in my shopping bag in a ziplock it’s not the best system and I would love the case it coupon binder to help me get organized!

  24. Amber Gibson says

    I use a binder that I had stashed away from when I was in school and different size sleeves.

  25. Carol Keyman says

    I have an old school binder of my daughters with baseball card sleeves. I liked Case-It on FB. A new Zippered binder would be perfect for my coupons.

  26. Beth says

    I currently use a No. 10 Envelope and a rubber band, embarrassing as it is! I previously was signed up on Case It on facebook. A friend had told me about the sight a week or so ago. I signed up for your emails and following you now on Pinterest.

  27. Lisa says

    Sadly I’m using letter size envelopes. Talk about a hot mess!! I use lots of printable coupons and just haven’t found anything that holds them well. Maybe the Case-It would fix my problem!

  28. Theresa says

    I use a cheap coupon file that I bought at the Dollar Tree. I just “liked” Case It on Facebook.

  29. Kelly S says

    I currently use an accordion file to organize the newspaper coupon flyers. It works, but a more efficient system would be great.

  30. Cheryl says

    I am using a small ripstop type material organizer I picked up one day at Walgreen’s. It’s not efficient as far as keeping me organized but its all I have for now. I already (a month or so ago) liked Case-It on fb because my daughter was looking for a zipper binder for school – 7th grade. Well, I ordered her the Case-it XL 4-Inch Zipper Binder D-185 and the Case-it Large Pencil Pouch PEN-06 both in purple this week. I had planned on ordering directly from the Case-It website because I had a 10% off promo code. However, when I went to checkout the shipping was $35.94 and that was the cheapest/slowest method!!!! If I wanted the items quicker, I could pay up to $90+ dollars!! Are you kidding me??? My items in my cart binder $29.99, pencil pouch $5.99 and a 5-Tab File #ACC-20 $5.99. So, my total was $41.97 and Case-It wanted $35.94 to ship it the cheapest way!!! And. “YES” I do live within the 48 continguous US states, actually NC. I had no choice but to head over to Amazon, order the binder ($29.98) and pencil pouch ($8.51) get free Prime 2-Day Shipping and my total was $38.49. I placed the order @ 2:30pm on 10/31/12 and my order arrived @ 9:30am on 11/1/12!!! Yes, that’s right…19 hours for FREE SHIPPING to my front door. The binder and pouch are exactly what my daughter was wanting and I must say it looked very nice and durable. I would LOVE one for couponing BUT SERIOUSLY CASE-IT, YOU DEFINITELY NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR SHIPPING FEES!!! COUPON-ERS AREN’T GOING TO PAY $37 TO SHIP $42 WORTH OF ITEMS THAT WEIGH NO MORE THAN 4LBS (that includes the shipping box!)!!!

  31. Nancy F says

    Right now I have coupons everywhere. At one time I was very god about filing them in a coupon clutch but they have gotten out of control!

  32. Amber says

    I just started couponing about a month ago. At first I used a envelope, but I soon found that it doesn’t work well if you keep getting new coupons. Then I moved to a pencil case my husband brought home from work (you can’t do better then free). I then decided I couldnt find anything in there so I tried to use paper clips to sort them. Well that didnt work. I now have them divided into categories with dividers I made from some construction paper we had, tape and a label maker. My final verdict for a pencil case is….pencil cases should be used for pencils. I am now in the market for a new system. I just hope I can find a good one soon!

  33. Grace Cross says

    I just started using an old 3 ring binder with trading card sleeves. It doesn’t work very well. I used to use a pouch with pockets. That didn’t work very well either

  34. crystal says

    I use a binder I got for free from a teacher and I use hand made paper envelopes to put my coupons in

  35. Julie says

    I use envelopes to organize my coupons by the store that I will be shopping at – Walmart, Target, or grocery store.

  36. Christy Anderson says

    Right now I’m using a note card holder for my coupons, but it’s not holding all of them anymore!