Giveaway Guidelines

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Thanks for your interest in hosting a giveaway on Penny Pinchin’ Mom!  In an order to ensure we both understand the manner in which the giveaway will run, please review the below guidelines.  If you agree, please send an email to the address at the bottom of this page!  Thanks!!!

1.  All reviews will be 100% written by me.  I can (at my discretion) share the content of the review before it posts to confirm content is correctly stated.  However, no content will be edited to change my review content based upon your comments.

2.  I will not personally recommend a product or service for purchase, unless I feel so inclined.  This can not be a condition of the giveaway.

3.  Entry requirements are standard and there will be no deviation from these options.  All contest have one required entry which is a question directly associated with your product/service.  If you have a website, I do my best to incorporate something within the comment that will require them to visit your site (but this is not always a guarantee).  There will be up to 4 bonus entries allowed per giveaway (for a total of 5 entries per reader):

  • Follow Penny Pinchin’ Mom via reader or email
  • Follow Penny Pinchin’ Mom via Facebook or Twitter.
  • Follow your company via Facebook or Twitter.
  • Follow your site via reader or email.

Readers will not be required to fan or follow any parties as a required entry for the giveaway event – they can do so only in order to gain an additional entry.  They will also not be required to Tweet nor post comments to their Facebook wall.

4.  The value of the giveaway will be a minimum of $100 for me and $100 for the giveaway.  I reserve the right to adjust this value as I deem fit.  I do not host Multi Level Marketing giveaways (companies such as Thirty-One, Pampered Chef, etc).

5.  The length of any giveaway shall not exceed 5 days and will close at 11:59 p.m. EST on the last day of the contest.

6.  Winners are always selected at random using  All giveaways are run via surveys using survey monkey.  The winners are chosen after the contest has closed and are notified via email.  Your company will be provided with the winner’s information via email, once the giveaway has been closed.

7.  Prize fulfillment will be completed by your company.   All prizes are to be forwarded to the winners within 10 business days from the date you are provided with their mailing information.  Failure to provide prizes will be disclosed directly to the winner and your contact information will be provided to them so that they can deal directly with you regarding receipt of their prize.

8.  Each post will include standard FTC disclosure language which will advise what product(s) I may have received from you (or the company you represent as the case may be) as well as a general statement that advises all parties that the opinions are my own and were not influenced by anyone involved in the giveaway.

9.  At no time is Penny Pinchin’ Mom considered the sponsor of the giveaway.  I am only the host and responsible for providing information to readers, selecting the winner and providing winner’s information to you.  Your company is the sponsor and is responsible as such in that capacity.

If you agree to these terms, I’d love to work with you.  Please send me an email –