*CLOSED* Giveaway: Hen House Holiday Celebration Tickets (5 Winners of 2 Tickets Each)

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Winners (emailed on 10/23/12)


If you live around Kansas City, you may have previously heard of (or even attended) this great event!  Each November, Hen House puts together a Holiday Celebration.  They bring in vendors for more brands that I can even begin to count.  They have a center stage with speakers and presentations.  But best of all, they have food.  I mean LOTS of food!!

This year’s event will take place the weekend of November 2nd – 4th at the Overland Park Convention Center.  Admission is $7 (children under 12 are free) – or just $5 when you purchase them at your local Hen House Store.  When you attend, you get some great money saving coupons just for showing up — we’re talking $135 in savings!!  I mean, that is like them actually paying YOU to attend!!!

The food will be amazing as usual, so make sure that you bring along your appetite!  Make sure that you stick around for some great presenters over the weekend, which include:

  • FRIDAY:  Ted Allen
  • SATURDAY:  Lidia Bastianich
  • SUNDAY:  Penny Pinchin’ Mom and Kansas City Mamas Couponing Basics
OK, so Sunday there is a really awesome Chef Competition too, but I just had to squeeze in a shameless plug for my friend Kelly and me!  Make sure that you get your tickets early and plan on attending, it is really an amazing event!


5 Penny Pinchin’ Mom Readers will each receive 2 tickets for free admission (redeemable for anytime during the 3 days)

Entry is simple — just leave a comment answering the question.  You can gain bonus entries if I’ve listed them below — just leave a separate comment for method of entry. Note: All comments must be left HERE on the blog. Comments left via Facebook, Google+ or Twitter will not be included.


1.  What is the thing you do to save on your holiday party meals?


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  1. I use coupons and hit all the sales to save on my holiday meals.

  2. I follow Hen House on Facebook and receive your daily newsletter via email.

  3. Angela Fogle says:

    I start shopping early for the non-perishable items that I need. I use coupons when I can find them.

  4. I start watching the sales now and coupon match – and I’m a huge fan of Aldi.

  5. I plan my meals out ahead of time. I do what I can to find coupons for things I need. I also watch for non-perishable items to go on sale and get them in advance to help save money.

  6. I follow hen house on facebook

  7. Carol Anderson says:

    I make great use of coupons. I also figure out how tio incorporate all leftovers into future meals.

  8. I have already signed up for you emails!

  9. I look for recipes that include items that are on sale – and it’s even better if there is a coupon too!

  10. I usually look around and collect any recipes that I can twist a bit on my style. Also I stock up some staple ingredients whenever on sale.

  11. I love the Hen House Holiday Celebration! Those coupons are great to pair up with Hen House sales to save tons of money. We tend to plan our meals around the sales and freebies.

  12. Abby Craig says:

    The single best thing you can do to save on meals, is meal planning! I do it for holidays too and it is a big money saver! Using Allrecipes.com lets me plug in ingredients that are on sale and gives me meal ideas that I can make with them. I have tried wonderful new recipes that my family loves this way!

  13. I follow Hen House on Facebook

  14. Abby Craig says:

    I liked Hen House!

  15. Abby Craig says:

    I subscribe to the PPM Daily Newsletter, too :) Thanks for all the great info!!

  16. Lots of coupons and ad watching!

  17. I watch ads weeks in advance and stock up. Then plan the meals around things on sale.

  18. Use coupons and do some items pot luck so each person can focus on one yummy item rather than whole meal.

  19. I get all your daily emails and love them!

  20. I try to buy non-perishable foods year round so I don’t have to spend as much when it comes time for the holidays.

  21. I also receive your daily newsletters.

  22. I try to plan ahead and start shopping the sales early.

  23. I try to start my planning early and stock up my pantry. That way, I don’t have to spend a bunch of money when the holidays are upon us. Love the holiday celebration!

  24. I like Hen House on Facebook.

  25. I receive your newsletter. :)

  26. Stephanie Kowal says:

    I save on Holiday meals by using coupons

  27. Stephanie K says:

    I recieve your newsletter

  28. Stephanie K says:

    I like Hen House on facebook

  29. Like Hen house on FB

  30. bill foust says:

    Host the gathering! Everyone wants to chip in and will bring something and you have to do very little except clean up. :)

  31. Amanda Doll says:

    I go to Penny Pinchin Mama’s website to do coupon matching and stock up on cooking/baking staples when there is a sale. I also delegate dishes to family members so I’m not providing the entire meal.

  32. Plan and stock up early and lots of coupons!!!

  33. Teresa Scott says:

    I start saving by shopping early and using lots of coupons using your advise!

  34. Aly Hethcoat says:

    I stock up ahead of time on baking supplies and give home made yuuuummmy gifts~!

  35. Aly Hethcoat says:

    I just started receiving your newsletter today! :-) Looking forward to reading it!

  36. I start out by shopping early and using coupons. I bake and freeze deserts and homemade bread. Than assign others to bring the side dishes.

  37. I shop with coupons and plan my dishes based on what is on sale.

  38. I am an email subscriber.

  39. I am now following Hen House on fb!

  40. To save on holiday meals I make everything from scratch. It tastes better and saves money!

  41. I liked henhouse on fb.

  42. I subscribed to your email newsletter.

  43. I start looking for sales and matching coupons to sale items in late September to early October to start stocking up for the holidays.

  44. I follow on the daily email newsletter.

  45. My wife cooks our holiday meals.

  46. Liked HH on fb.

  47. I will get your newsletter now in my email now.

  48. Plan ahead and look for lots of coupons! :)

  49. eldon miller says:

    Look for the best buys and use as many coupons as possible. Note: The best buy may not be driving clear accross town for a $1 or less savings.

  50. Take advantage of the great sales during that time

  51. I receive and read your daily newsletter


    Plan ahead, coupons and ask guests to bring a side dish.

  53. Purchase items ahead of time (during sales, of course!) along with coupons.

  54. I try to make as much as I can from scratch.

  55. I follow Hen House on facebook

  56. I am an email subscriber

  57. Monika Gray says:

    Plan affordable menu and buy ahead products.

  58. i stock up when nonperishables and frozen things go on sale and then don’t have to scramble when its time for the holidays.

  59. I do my couponing and start stocking up as early as possible.

    p.s. We went to this event TWICE last year! It was awesome and looking forward to this year as well!

  60. I like HH on FB!

  61. I am an email subscriber!

  62. Denice Robison says:

    Keep it simple and plan ahead.

  63. Melissa C says:

    I try to buy as much as possible before hand when the items go on sale.

  64. Melissa C says:

    follow HH on FB

  65. I look at the ads and plan ahead to take advantage of all the great sales!

  66. I plan ahead, shop early in the day, and bring lots of coupons. My menu is partially planned based on sales I can find.

  67. Melissa C says:

    subscribe to daily newsletter

  68. We usually have pot luck, and I shop for bargains and use coupons. Sometimes we have something less traditional to make it easy and less expensive. One year, we had trouble getting everyone together, so we put together appetizers and people came and went as they could.

  69. I am an email subscriber.

  70. I plan my menu around what I can get on sale and/or with coupons

  71. I follow hen house on facebook

  72. I’m an email subscriber

  73. I look for the best deals and stock up.

  74. I also follow hen house on Facebook!

  75. M Huffmire says:

    It is helpful when a the guests bring something to share for the holiday meal!

  76. Love your website! Just signed up for your newsletter!

  77. I follow HH on FB.

  78. I buy whatever I can ahead of time when the best sale comes around and keep stocked on what I know I’ll need.

  79. I am hosting dinner for 13 this Sun. I am implementing many strategies:
    1. Use items I have stock piled at a great price (meat from freezer in ample quantity, boxed desserts with healthy fixes and homemade touches)
    2. Plan ahead to do some home cooking so I am not tempted to buy a prepared dish from grocery store or restraunts.
    3. Shop at big box stores and aldi for the items you know are a good value (lettuce, nuts, dried fruit) avoiding prepared items and buying in bulk
    4. Offer lots of veggies because they’re healthy and usually cost less than $1 per pound.

  80. I recieve your emails.

  81. joan seitz says:

    I shop the grocery sales!

  82. I am an email subscriber.

  83. I follow the great ideas of Penny Pinchin Mom! of course.

  84. My daughter and I get together and make menus then we match sales with coupons. Works out wonderfully!

  85. I am an email subscriber!

  86. Start watching the sales early to stock up on any deals for the holidays.

  87. I follow Hen House on Facebook

  88. I receive the PPM newsletter.

  89. Watch the ads and pick up items when they are on sale.

  90. I watch the sales and stock up early.

  91. I follow Hen House on Facebook.

  92. Watch the many sales & Price Match = “One Stop Shopping” @ Walmart.

  93. I follow HENHOUSE on FB

  94. I get the PPM daily newsletter.

  95. Will Sunday be free if I bring a toy like in the past?

  96. Checking Penny Pinchin Mom always for the best deals in town.

  97. Checking the hot deals on Penny Pinchin’ Mom

  98. Shopping the sales and using coupons!

  99. I subscribe to your daily e-mail. Thanks for the giveaway!

  100. I definitely shop early, stockpile and use coupons.

  101. I am following henhouse on FB.

  102. I receive your newsletter!

  103. lakeisha k says:

    love all the deals you find

  104. What is the thing you do to save on your holiday party meals?
    We frequently gather for festive family dinners, glowing with candle light and sparkling crystal. Since we are large in number everyone brings at least one over the top yummy dish. It has become the family tradition for me to bring the vegetables side dishes. I have accumulated flavorful vegetable recipes that are a hit with both adults and children. Saving money makes this fun and engages my creative side.

    Here is what I do:
    . I buy the vegetable that store well, like the squashes, potatoes, onions , when the are at there best price.
    .Watch for the .50 cent and under frozen vegetable coupons because Hen house doubles these and the savings are fabulous.
    .I also have an coupon envelope just for shelf stapes used for these dishes; I then watch the weekly adds and buying when on sale with double coupons.

    Then preparing for the party is: easier with many things on hand and fun because of the creativity planing and great saving.
    Thanks for helping all of us enjoy our holiday,
    Jeanne M.