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The one thing that always makes a great gift for family members is photos.  As a mom, that is all I need is a picture of my kids and I’d be just beyond thrilled.  Now, if they happened to put those photos into a book for me, I’d be utterly giddy!  (It truly takes so little to make me happy).

One store you should check out this holiday season is Snapfish.  They offer so many styles and sizes of books to fit any taste and budget.  I love that their books are so simple to create.  You upload your photos, drag, drop and edit!  Add your own custom phrases and you are set.  It is just an easy way to make a truly unique gift!

I mentioned above that I had a code for you.  What kind of money saving site would this be if I didn’t give you a code you can use to save on your own photobook this year!?!   After you have fun creating, simply use the code RMNBOOKDEAL at checkout and you’ll knock 10% off of your purchase!  These books really make such wonderful gifts…..and when it only takes you a few minutes of work….that makes it even better!!!


Two lucky Penny Pinchin’ Mom Readers will each receive a code valid for ONE Classic Cover Photo Book
(this code will not work on any other book type) 

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1.  What is your favorite type of photo gift to give?  Books, framed prints, ornaments? Just leave me a comment below and let me know!!


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  1. I like to give photo mugs

  2. It depends on the recipient, we’ve had great success with calendars, mugs, and purse-sized photo books. I like the calendar because it’s like a new treat each month!

  3. lisa sparks says:

    I love to get photo ornaments with my kids’ yearly Xmas pictures on them, and I have ordered from Snapfish most years. They make great gifts for the grandparents! I also love a photo book that recaps the whole year in pictures, such a nice keepsake!

  4. lisa sparks says:

    I follow you on facebook.

  5. lisa sparks says:

    I follow snapfish on facebook.

  6. I love to give photo mugs!!!

  7. I would like to give my wife a photo book using our wedding photos.

  8. Brag Books for the grandmas are my favorite, in business card size seems to be the best for them (then they can carry more!)

  9. I follow you on FB

  10. I follow snapfish on FB

  11. I follow retailmenot on FB

  12. I love to give photo calendars.

  13. My favorite gifts to give are calendars.

  14. I follow you on facebook.

  15. I follow snapfish on facebook.

  16. I follow on FB. I like giving different items, depending on the recipient. I am a lover of photo books *gush*. Such a great gift to give as well as receive!!

  17. I love to give photo books as gifts. They are wonderful custom gifts that everyone loves!

  18. I follow PPM on Facebook.

  19. I follow Snapfish on Facebook.

  20. Photo magnets are always handy

  21. I looove to give photo books!!

  22. My favorite photo gifts to give are the calendars. That way they can look at new pictures each month. My favorite part of them is where you can put specific pictures on each of the dates.

  23. I follow penny pinchin mom on facebook!

  24. Nina Torres says:

    I love to give mugs because its personable to that particular past year. Even tho they may not use them or if they brake, the thought was there and inexpensive (sometimes)

  25. I follow you on FB!

  26. I love to give (and get) coffee mugs… Then you get to enjoy it daily!

  27. I follow you on fb

  28. Picture books are good to give, especially in my family, the camera goes everywhere!!

  29. I love to give photo books. It is amazing how much can happen in such a short period of time!

  30. Stacie Hall says:

    I love the photo books…. I gave one to my neice and one to my nephew last year for Christmas, they LOVED them!

  31. what a great gift!!!

  32. photo mugs..usable and afordable

  33. If it’s for someone who isn’t on facebook, I like doing the photo books so they can see all of the pictures that others may have seen posted. If it’s for someone regularly online, I like the ornaments with one extra special picture.

  34. I like you on facebook.

  35. I follow pennny pinching mom on facebook.

  36. Framed prints!

  37. I love to give any kind of photo gift. I have done all sorts.

  38. I follow retailmenot on facebook.

  39. Brooke McNally says:

    I love giving photobooks, of all sizes! And everyone LOVES getting them!

  40. Brooke McNally says:

    I follow Penny Pinchin’ Mom on FB

  41. I love making photo books and every one I make one for loves receiving it!

  42. Rachel Garcia says:

    my fav is a photobook

  43. Rachel Garcia says:

    i follow ppm on fb

  44. Tamah Collier says:

    I like to give photo collages

  45. Tamah Collier says:

    I follow you on FB

  46. Kristi Dalberg says:

    We ordered photo coffee mugs for my coffee-loving grandparents with pictures of my kids!

  47. Kristi Dalberg says:

    I follow you on facebook!

  48. Kristi Dalberg says:

    I follow Retailmenot on facebook!

  49. I would love to make a book of all fall activties we did this year.

  50. Kristi Dalberg says:

    I follow Snapfish on facebook!

  51. Laura Hoover says:

    Framed Photos have been my favorite until I saw the look on my son’s face last Christmas (he was 6 at the time) when he opened his book that was all about him. He thought it was the coolest. He took it to show and tell at school and was so proud of it. I made him one for the year and plan to do one each year based on his reaction!

  52. Laura Hoover says:

    I follow you on Facebook!

  53. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to make photo books! That is my way of scrapbooking. So, that is my favorite photo gift to give too!

  54. I follow Penny Pinching Mom on FB. Also follow RetailMeNot on FB. Also follow snapfish on FB!

  55. My favorites is a photo magnet :)….Thanks :)

  56. My favorite is a photo magnet :) ….Thanks :). I follow retailmenot, snapfish, and pennypinchinmom on facebook.

  57. I love to give framed prints….simple, but my mom still loves them!

  58. I follow Penny Pinchin Mom on Facebook…

  59. Photo books are the best gift ..especially for relatives and grandparents.

  60. Megan Conradt says:


  61. Denise Wilson says:

    I like to make photo ornaments each year of the kids for us and the grandparents.

  62. Denise Wilson says:

    FB Fan of RetailMeNot
    RobertandDenise Wilson

  63. I like to give framed prints.

  64. I like you on facebook

  65. Denise Wilson says:

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    RobertandDenise Wilson

  66. Denise Wilson says:

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    RobertandDenise Wilson

  67. I like snapfish on facebook

  68. I love doing all kinds of personal gifts with photos. Last year I did calendars, notebooks, coffee mugs, pillow cases, blankets and travel mugs. I love doing things like that!

  69. Following RetailMeNot on Facebook.

  70. Following Snapfish on Facebook

  71. Following Penny Pinchin’ Mom on Facebook.

  72. We’ve given lots of photo books in the past!

  73. I follow you on FB :)

  74. I like giving framed prints.


  75. Facebook fan


  76. I love giving books to the grand parents of fun vacations we have taken together

  77. My favorite gift to give is framed prints!

  78. I liked you on fb

  79. I liked snapfish on fb

  80. I liked retail me not on fb.

  81. I like to give framed prints and mugs

  82. I follow you on FB

  83. I Love to give framed prints and collages!!

  84. I love giving Photo Mousepads as gifts!! :) There are always out to see and used every day and my kids love seeing them being used.

  85. I love to give calendars

  86. I follow snapfish on facebook

  87. I follow PPM on facebook

  88. I like to give framed prints

  89. I follow Penny Pinchin Mom on FB

  90. I follow Snapfish on FB

  91. I now follow Retail Me Not on Snapfish

  92. My favorite photo gift to give is a photo book. We live far from family so this is a great gift.

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  100. I like to give scrapbooks…

  101. I follow Penny Pinchin Mom on FB

  102. I follow Snapfish on FB also

  103. I have given calendars to our parents/grandparents the past few years and everyone has LOVED them! So those are my current favorite photo gifts!

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  107. It is a tradition that I give my mom (who has Alzheimer’s) a calendar with pictures of all the grandkids on it for Christmas. She loves it :)

  108. I like RetailMeNot on Facebook.

  109. I like Snapfish on Facebook.

  110. I like Penny Pinchin Mom on Facebook. :)

  111. I’ve given calendars for 14 years

  112. I Follow RetailMeNot on Facebook.

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  114. I Follow Penny Pinchin’ Mom on Facebook.