Gooseberry Patch: More Fans Means More FREE Recipes

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Become a fan of Gooseberry Patch to help them reach 100,000 fans. Why? Well, as they hit each milestone they have set, they’ll release pages from their aweome cookbooks!

30,000 fans – you’ll get 25 melty, cheesy, creamy Macaroni & Cheese Recipes
40,000 fans – you’ll get 25 chewy, chocolatey, decadent Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes
50,000 fans – you’ll get 25 mouthwatering, hearty, meaty Meatloaf Recipes
60,000 fans & more – it’s a surprise!

Thanks Give Me Neither!

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  1. Gooseberry Patch says

    Thanks a bunch for sharing our contest here…and if folks haven't already, now's the time to enter! We're up over 29,000 already so it won't be long for that first chapter to become available.

    For even more Gooseberry goodies, visit our blog at…

    See you there!