*CLOSED* Grateful Giveaways #8: PEAK Cooler/Warmer For the Car

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To kick off the summer, I’m excited to once again be part of the Grateful Giveaways group, bringing you 9 awesome giveaways for more summer fun. Watch for a new one every hour on the hour!

For over 50 years, Peak Performance has been a leader in the development and distribution of automotive products of the highest quality. Their insist on quality and craftsmanship, and offer innovative products to meet the needs of their customers.

Today I’m excited to share one such innovative product with you, the Peak 12V 16-Can Cooler/Warmer.

If you’ve ever needed to take a cold or hot dish to a summer barbecue, wondered what to do with your leftovers from a meal out while you run errands or spend a night out on the town or wanted to take a cold salad with you for lunch while you spend the day out, you’ve probably wished for something just like this!

The Peak Cooler/Warm…

  • Cools drinks, sandwiches, salads and more
  • Stores up to sixteen 12 oz. cans
  • Warms pre-heated meals, fast food and leftovers
  • Plugs directly into cigarette lighter socket
  • Stays insulated even when unplugged

One lucky Penny Pinchin’ Mom reader will win a Peak Cooler/Warmer of their very own!

Entry is simple! You just need to answer the question below by leaving a comment on this site. You can even gain up to 3 bonus entries for doing each additional item listed (just make sure that you leave one entry for each one – up to a total of 4 comments.) As a reminder, comments left on Facebook, Twitter or other posts will not be counted.


Leave a comment. How would you use a PEAK Cooler/Warmer this summer?


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  1. says

    I would use it on our trip to Texas this summer. It will surely be a sweaty mess and a fancy cooler full of cold drinks in the car will be a welcome addition.

  2. Mary Staats says

    I would use that when we go to oceans of fun. We usually pack a picnic and eat by the car. This would be perfect.

  3. says

    I would love this for family road trips. We’d save a lot of money by packing our own lunches and drinks.

  4. ashley mcmullen says

    This would be great for so many reasons! First off, because we travel so much being a military family. Secondly, I plan on traveling a lot this summer and fall to see family and friends because my husband is deploying here shortly. Lastly, because I’m pregnant with our first child and am constantly drinking water! This would be a great way to keep my water cold! 🙂
    Oh, & I’m already a fan of your facebook page. That is how I read about the giveaway. 🙂

  5. Jill says

    This would be perfect to keep my husband’s lunch cool while he is in class all morning and it sits in his car before work.

  6. Cfosh says

    I’d use to keep my son’s daily meds cold on our annual canoe trip and to keep drinks and snacks cold otherwise.

  7. Melissa says

    This would be a great gift for my hubby. He works outside all day driving from site to site so this would be perfect to keep his drinks cold and allow him to heat something up for lunch if needed. Awesome prize, thanks!

  8. Anne M. says

    This would be perfect to keep my sons milk and juice cold for our Labor Day road trip!

  9. Phil F says

    I’d use the PEAK Cooler/Warmer to hold beverages when we go tailgating and to keep drinks cold or warm up a yummy lunch for long car trips to sunny summer destinations!

  10. cayman says

    My husband and I would LOVE this. We live 30 minutes from any store, gas station, etc. so always have to take something with us when we go grocery shopping. This would also come in handy to warm up meals while on the road.

  11. Karin C says

    I would use it summer and winter. We potluck and I could bring a variety of new recipes and keep it cold/warm while traveling to friends.

  12. Kim S. says

    I would use it to keep drinks cold while at summer sports events for my kiddos!

  13. Sue Crocker says

    I’d use it to store cold drinks when we go on drive around trips. follow you on Facebook

  14. Brooke says

    I’d love to take the Peak cooler out on the lake when fishing with my hubby!

  15. Sue Crocker says

    I’d use it to store cold drinks when we go on drive around trips. I follow you on twitter @shecodes

  16. Sue Crocker says

    I’d use it to store cold drinks when we go on drive around trips. I follow Peak Auto on Facebook

  17. Sue Crocker says

    I’d use it to store cold drinks when we go on drive around trips. I’m on your daily email list.

  18. Sherrie says

    My family loves to picnic at the park in the summer. This would be great for that!

  19. tiffany sexton says

    I would love to have this! I work construction and this would be much better than a cooler!

  20. susan says

    I am an email subscriber and I would love one of these in my car to keep water cold after I exercise and to keep my 4 pm diet coke cold.

  21. Diana says

    This Peak Cooler would be perfect for my husband, he does home inspections for insurance companies and drives from 8 in the morning till late in the day and is diabetic, this would allow his to keep snacks and drinks cool and would be perfect.

  22. Casey says

    We will make excellent use as we take our kids to see the ocean this summer!!!

  23. dawn says

    I would use it when we are out to keep drinks cold so we would save money by not hitting the drive thru when we are thirsty

  24. Tricia says

    i would use it to get food home from the store and to enjoy things on our travels. We live 45 minutes away from the store and this would help to keep cold foods hot ot “doggie boxes” from spoiling on the dive home. So many uses for this.

  25. Christina says

    My son is Autistic and wont eat a cold lunch… I am always looking for ways to keep his hot dog “hot” when we have to bag lunch it somewhere… this would be AWESOME!

    PS I am an email subscriber!

  26. stacia says

    it would be great to use all summer long….camping, picnics, ballgames, road trips!

  27. DARLENE EPPS says


  28. melaniek says

    I would love to use one when we go camping… that would be awesome in the boat 🙂

  29. lisa sparks says

    I would use this in the car daily to keep drinks and snacks cool. It would also be great for longer car trips.

  30. Brandy Asleson Cockrell says

    My parents live about 3 hours away and we visit often, so we would use this on our road trips!

  31. Krista taylor says

    I subscribe to emails. I would use this as we go back and forth to the lake this summer(about an hour away)!

  32. Sarah says

    Trips in the summer, but it would be great for football & tailgating in the fall.

  33. Christina says

    I would use the cooler on trips to the beach, to visit friends and going to the springs this summer!

  34. Julie says

    I would use it to keep our picnic lunches cold when we go to town for play dates. Picnics are fun and frugal!

  35. says

    We got car camping frequently in the summer… which means our minivan is close by to our tent. This would really expand some of our dining options and save on ice!

  36. Patty says

    I would give this to my dad. He and some friends are going on a two week driving trip from California to New Orleans. They are going to have so much fun!

  37. Kristina Richardson says

    I would use the PEAK Cooler/Warmer to put cold items from the store in while I finish running my other errands…saves me a trip home…and allows me to keep going. It would also be great to put leftovers in if I ate dinner out and then went to a movie or shopping.

  38. Anne L says

    We have several long trips and have to take food everywhere (food allergies) – this would be wonderful!

  39. Mary Smith says

    I would use it to keep my families drinks cold since its cheaper to bring drinks from home than buy them in a convenience store.

  40. Jessie says

    I would use it for pop! My husband could use it for his lunch when he’s not in the office for the day.

  41. Brandi Price says

    My hubby works outdoors so this would be great for him to keep in the work truck year round!

  42. says

    I would use the Peak Cooler on the way to business meetings. Sometimes I am driving for hours and don’t want to stop at a yucky store in a strange neighborhood for something to eat. I could pack water, sandwiches and snacks for the road trip – even hot foods, if I feel like it.

  43. ConE says

    I would love to have this to use in our work van. We always bring soda and water with us to work and this would keep them cold.(Picking up a soda at a convienience store is too expensive!!)

  44. Linda W. says

    This would be great for our trips to grandma’s or on one of our staycations!

  45. Laua says

    I would use a Peak cooler to keep my insulin cool! I would also keep drinks cool for my little ones =)

  46. Andrea D. says

    I would use it to travel in the car and keep water or pop cold. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  47. says

    Predominantly at home. When my guys are outside beautifying our property, (we have a large front & back yard.) I’d stock it & transfer it between our front & back porches. That way, when they needed sustenance, they wouldn’t track the outdoors inside. *hee*

  48. *°•ƸӜƷ Louis ƸӜƷ•°* says

    great for longer car rides or just a trip to the beach
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  49. Cecille Nowlin says

    My husband and I go camping every summer at the beach. This would be perfect now that we have our daughters to continue this tradition with! Helpful to keep their milk/juice/water cold!

  50. Krissondra says

    We go on picnics all the time in the summer so it would be nice to have a reliable cooler.

  51. says

    I would use a PEAK Cooler/Warmer this summer when we go to work with my kids’ dad, which requires a lot of driving.

  52. natalie says

    Wow this would be great to take on road trips this summer when we drive home to visit our family.

  53. Hannah says

    To make grocery shopping more efficient, keeping my cold items cold while I go to more than one store!

  54. Kelly Zimmer says

    We are planning a day tripping Summer, because grandson #3 is due on 6/13. We like to see new things & revisit old favorites. This would keep snacks & drinks for the older boys fresh, saving pennies for the real adventures!!!

  55. Whitney Smith says

    We would use this cooler/warmer on all our road trips! It is the perfect little cooler to carry away!

    Liked Peak Automotive on Facebook!

    Liked Penny Pinchin Mom on Facebook!

    Receive Penny Pinchin Mom daily emails!

  56. Shana E. says

    I would use for keeping food cold at the beach or camping. I would use the hot feature to bring a hot meal to my mom.

  57. Lianne S. says

    I would take the cooler on my boat. My amazing son-in-law installed a cigarette lighter on the boat.

  58. Amy L says

    I would use the cooler to hold drinks and snacks for when we take drives in the country. We sometimes stop at farm markets, so I’d also use it to keep the food we buy cool.

  59. Heather says

    I’d use the cooler for all of my road trips! My friends and I are always on the go and this would make traveling so much more fun!

  60. Lizzy Jahncke says

    I would use a PEAK Cooler/Warmer for family road trips, especially to help me carry homemade baby food. I would also use it during the rest of the year whenever I want salads for lunch. I teach at three schools a day, so keeping salads the right temperature can be hard.

  61. says

    I would use a Peak Cooler/Warmer to keep my daughter’s chocolate milk cold when we are on the go! It would be great for the beach, too!

  62. Paul T / Pauline T says

    I would take it on our summer road trips – emscout9 at Hotmail dot com

  63. Paul T / Pauline T says

    I liked you on Facebook (Paul T…. pls use emscout9 at hotmail dot com instead of gmail to contact me)

  64. Stephanie Wade says

    We will be making lots of car trips to different places, so this would be very handy!!

  65. Amber Gibson says

    This is great! I would use this ALL the time this summer for taking food/drinks on little day trips.

  66. Kandice Aigbe says

    How would you use a PEAK Cooler/Warmer this summer? I would use it for long trips while vacationing. It will save money because I won’t have to stop for cold drinks.

  67. Tricia says

    We always do picnic foods for lunches when we are on vacation. This would prevent dealing with the messy ice.

  68. Angela H says

    I would use it to keep drinks cold while traveling and also keep food warm when buying it out of town so it’s still hot when we get home.

    thisisme79 @ gmail dot com

  69. ACMommy3 says

    Definitely for keeping our lunches cool on those summer days we’re out and about all day!

  70. shunti says

    My son plays basketball, so that cooler would really come i handy with the water and poweade, i have to carry around.

  71. Anna Burkett says

    I would use it to keep drinks cold during our 3 road trips we have planned coming up.

  72. jmw says

    I would use the PEAK cooler/warmer on our weekend road trips to keep drinks cold or food warm.

  73. kimbuckjr says

    MANDATORY ENTRY: I wouldn’t only use this cooler/warmer for the summer, I would also use it in the fall when soccer season begins. I will need a cooler for the HOT soccer games. UGH! In the summer though, I would use it for trips to the park to keep our drinks cold.
    kimbuckjr at yahoo dot com

  74. Melissa C says

    I would use the cooler to store drinks during baseball practice or keep leftovers cool while running errands.

  75. vickie says

    to take home cooked meals to my dad and his brother…two hour one way trip…also for our Sunday outings.

  76. Donna Carnall says

    We would use the Peak Cooler/Warmer a lot when we travel to see family or just going shopping.

  77. John says

    Perfect to keep my lunch and drinks cold as I work in the hot sun in Fla…no cooler or frig either.