Great Deal on Sharpies at Office Max – 21 Pens for $6.78

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If you purchase 2 Sharpies from Office Max, you get one FREE. In addition, if you buy $5.00 worth of Sharpies, you can get a Mini-Assorted 12-pack for FREE (a $16.79 value). So, try this deal (prices based upon on-line purchase, so there may be regional differences):

$4.79 Sharpie Fine Point, 5 pack
1.99 Sharpie Pink Ribbon Fine Point, 2 pack
1.99 Sharpie Pink Ribbon Fine Point, 2 pack
16.79 Sharpie 12-pack
– 1.99 FREE Sharpie
– 16.79 FREE 12-pack
$6.78 out of pocket for ALL Sharpies!

I wasn’t able to confirm the pricing as it is too early to go to the store, but my flier says that some markers are as low as $0.99. So if that is the case, you could actually pay only $5.78 for all of them, which makes this deal even better!

If you don’t know what to do with all of these markers, why not give them your child’s teacher as part of his/her Christmas present? After all, I’m sure they’ve gotten more “#1 Teacher” gifts than they care to count!

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