Extending the Life of Foods From A to Z: Letter F

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Letter F

We are continuing with our series on how to save on groceries — even if you don’t have a coupon!   These items below are things we need, and we purchase, even if we don’t have a coupon or one is never available.  Here are a few food items, beginning with the letter “G” which you can purchase in bulk when you find a great deal!

When you purchase canned fruit cocktail, you can usually store it in a cool, dry pantry for up to 18 months.  However, make sure that you read the Best Buy date on the product and consume it prior to that time.

Fruit Juice is something many people don’t think about “stockpiling.”  It can be done if you just keep a few things in mind:

  • Keep it refrigerated after purchase.
  • Before freezing, make sure that there is space at the top of the carton or jug in order to allow room for expansion when freezing (or you will have a mess).
  • Juice can last anywhere from 8 – 12 months when frozen.

There have been times when you’ve see a hot deal on frozen potatoes, such as french fries.  Next time, go ahead and stock up!

  • Keep them frozen  — and they can be good for up to 12 months.
  • Once prepared, leftovers should be refrigerated and then eaten within about 4 days or so.

Feta Cheese can be frozen, it just does not last that long in the freezer.

  • Should be consumed within a week of purchase.
  • If frozen, make sure the container is air tight – -and it will be good for up to 3 months.

Fish is a great item to grab when it is on sale (it can be pretty expensive, depending upon where you live).

  • Fresh Seafood is usually good only for a couple of days after purchase.
  • If freezing for longer than 2 months, cover/store well in air tight container or wrapping.  It can be good up to 8 months.


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