Extending the Life of Foods From A to Z: Letter L

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Letter L

We are continuing with our series on how to save on groceries — even if you don’t have a coupon!   These items below are things we need, and we purchase, even if we don’t have a coupon or one is never available.  Here are a few food items, beginning with the letter “L” which you can purchase in bulk when you find a great deal!

Lentils are a great staple to have around.  Not only for their long term storage capabilities, but they are very nutritious too.

  • Lentils should be stored in their original package until you’re ready to use them to prevent them from drying out faster.
  • Once opened they should be stored in an airtight container in a cool dark place.  When stored this way, they can be kept for up to a year.
  • Lentils can be used past the 1 yr date, however the color will start to fade and they will dry out so the lentils will take longer to cook.

Lettuce just can’t be stockpiled (unfortunately!), however you can extend the life of it to get the most for your money.

  • Verify your refrigerators temperature and humidity are at the correct levels for fresh produce.
  • For heads of lettuce, take them out of the plastic wrap and wrap a pepertowel around it to help absorb the moisture.  Replace the lettuce wrapped in the paper towel back into the original plastic wrap and store in your vegetable crisper drawer.
  • As you eat the lettuce, empty out excess moisture from the bag and papertowel to extend the shelf life even longer.

Do you know the best way to store Lemons and Limes?

  • Wash and Dry your lemons and limes right away when you get home to get any mold spores or any additional dirt off that they picked up on their travel across the world.
  • Store at room temperature out of direct sunlight for up to a week.
  • If you don’t plan on using within a week, refrigerate them in the cripser drawer of your fridge for up to a month.
  • To save the zest longer than a month, zest them and save the zest in a baggie in the freezer.
  • You can also save the juice.  Just juice your lemon or lime and put the juice in an ice cube tray.  Cover with plastic wrap to avoid picking up additional odors and pull out as needed.

 Lamb can be very expensive, so if you find a good deal on it you want to stock up and preserve it for as long as you can

  • One of the best ways is to freeze it.  If you are not going to use your lamb within a couple days of getting it then you can freeze it for 6-9 months.
  • To prevent freezer burn wrap your lamb tightly in plastic wrap and then in a layer of aluminum foil.

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