Grocery Store Database: More New Stores

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I want to thank everyone for the emails requesting stores that you would like see added to the Grocery Store Database.  Because of your requests, we just added 4 more stores today!  Now, you can also find:

  • Bi-Lo
  • Ingles
  • Food Lion
  • Hannafords

I am always looking to add more stores to the list.  So, if you are a blogger and a store that you work on is not listed for your region/city, please email me ( We’d love to add you to the list!!

If there is a store you would like to see added, please let me know as well.  However, before you email me, please look at the bottom of the database as I have listed stores I am currently searching for (and have not had any luck finding as of today).  

In case you are not sure how to find the database, you will find a green button in the sidebar that says “Grocery Store Database.”  This way, you can easily find it anytime you visit!