GroupOn: Fandango Movie Ticket Deal

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There’s a great GroupOn deal available today for Fandango Movie Tickets!   You can get a $12.00 ticket for only $4.00!  You’ll want to follow these steps as the offer isn’t just easily found on the GroupOn site.

1.  If you are new to GroupOn, create your account.

2.  Once you have an account, you will need to click THIS LINK, which will take you to the deal.

Thanks Frugal Coupon Living!


  1. lina says

    hi im still learning all this only been at since middle of may and am not sure what groupon is and what is fandango? could you help me please? thank you very much =)

    • Tracie says

      Glad to help Lina! First Fandango – this is a on-line site where you can purchase movie tickets. You can sometimes get some good deals when you use them. GroupOn is a daily deals site. Each day, there are deals around the country. They are posted on their site. There is a kicker to it though — they only offer a limited number of deals each day and so they can sell out. In addition, they also have to SELL a certain number of deals or no one will get it. So, here is an example:

      1. Photobooks for $10 is the deal for today. They must sell 500 for everyone to get the offer, but only have a total of 1000 to sell.
      2. If they sell only 495 books, then NO ONE will get the deal and your card won’t be charged and the offer dies.
      3. If they sell 501 books, then everyone gets the offer.
      4. If they sell 1000, then the person who tries to purchase the 1001 book will be out of luck.

      I hope this helps explain it. Keep in mind that this deal was posted a couple of days ago, so it may be dead.