Guest Post: 5 Fashion Tips For The Penny Pinchin’ Mom

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The following is a guest post from Sam Briones, who shares money saving and safety tips for Safe Auto Insurance.

Oftentimes many moms out there are so busy taking are of their kids, their families, and stretching out their budgets for as far as they can go, that they end up neglecting themselves, and how they look. Are you among those that are guilty of this? Well you should stop! Looking good does not take a lot of time, and it doesn’t take a lot of money either. There are tips and trick to being effortlessly fashionable, and here are just some of them!

  1. Incorporate black into your wardrobe- No matter what the fashion forecasts say, the new black will always be black. Black is forever chic because it allows you to instantly put on something, is slimming, and is available just about anywhere.  Plus, because black is so basic, you don’t have to fear wearing something again and again or repeating outfits. Pick up a lot of black basics from stores like Walmart, Target, or stores on sale, and nobody will be able to tell the difference! You’ll instantly look sleek and put together.
  2. Cheat on the accessories- While black may be the basis of most of your wardrobe, what will really make unique are the accessories you pair with it. Accessories don’t have to be expensive either. There are plenty of affordable options one can usually find in stores like Forever21 or Charlotte Russe. Don’t be afraid to pick up some rings, earrings, maybe a necklace, or some belts and scarves to really spice up your outfits.
  3. Don’t just shop in the Women’s Section- The secret to really stretching your wardrobe is exerting creativity in where you shop. Try looking for basics such as wife beaters and white v-neck tees in the men’s section. See if you can fit into some pieces in the teens section, and while you’re at it, explore the kid’s section too. More often than not, you’ll find similar items that you would find in the women’s section but are priced cheaper! Go ahead and really explore your options on this one.
  4. Get some ballet flats- Instead of wearing your beat-up sneakers, or way to casual rubber flip flops, why not try out some ballet flats. Ballet flats are one of the most timeless and versatile items you can have in your closet. Ballet flats elevate your casual t-shirt and jeans outfit and make it look a little chicer- just look at celebrities like Audrey Hepburn and you’ll understand. The best part is that ballet flats come in many different styles and all price points, so finding one that suits your personality and budget should be no problem.
  5.  Hit the drugstore for some makeup– Sometimes, in order to look fashionable and put-together, you don’t need a brand new outfit, you should need to see to it that your skin and your hair look great. Make-up doesn’t have to be costly. Drugstore brands such as ELF, Wet n’ Wild and Revlon are coming up with great products that could rival more expensive brands. Bring some color into your cheeks and lips by picking out a blush and lipstick at the drugstore. We promise you won’t only look better but feel great too!

Sam Briones writes for SafeAuto, covering an array of topics from finding cheap auto insurance to safety tips.