Guest Post: How To Avoid Junk E-Mail

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The following is as Guest Post.  It was written by Kai, who is the brains behind Smart Couponing.  She shares lots of great deals and savings tips with her readers every day.

Since we are getting so many freebies and most of them require us to fill out personal information, I think I should share with you some of the techniques I use in order to avoid Junk Mail and to protect my personal information.

  • Set up Another Email: First and foremost, set up a separate free email account just for signing up all these freebies, and don’t use your primary or personal email account.
  • Be Aware of Checked Box: Many online forms have a checkbox asking for your permission to share your information with a third parties, sometimes the box is already checked, I always uncheck that box cause I don’t want them to share my information to other companies, just be aware that those boxes could be very small and hard to see.
  • Do Not Give Out Too Much Personal Information

Here’s what I do:

Name: My real first and last name
Address: My real address (cause I do want to receive the Freebies)
Email: My second email address (this one is just for freebies sign up)
Phone: I don’t give my real number away
Birthday: I use hubby’s month + my year + a random date
Credit Card: I rarely give CC info for a freebie unless I am 100% comfortable

READ THE FINE PRINT CAREFULLY, this is especially important when it comes to FREE Trial. I will try my best to point out the important details, but I’d appreciate your help if I ever miss a thing or two.