Guest Post: Things to Watch for With Vehicle Repairs After a Hailstorm

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This is a guest post from Jenny Warren with Crazy Dog Creative.  She’s had some good experiences when it comes to repairing hail damaged vehicles and shares those tips with you below.

If your vehicle was damaged by a hail storm, Paintless Dent Removal, usually referred to as “PDR”, is a good option for getting it repaired. A good PDR tech can remove most dents without damaging the factory paint job. Very deep dents usually do damage the paint, but even then a PDR tech can flatten the metal out so that the body shop does not have to use any fillers on your car prior to painting it.

Here are a few tips to make sure that your vehicle is properly repaired:

 • Take your vehicle to the body shop your insurance company recommends that you use. The body shop will hire storm-chasing PDR tech’s as independent contractors to help with the huge workload they will have right now. The guy that fixes your vehicle might not be here in 6 months, but the body shop will be and will guarantee the work performed in their shop, because they will have inspected it.

• Be cautious of PDR tech’s who come to town and set up stand-alone PDR shops, advertising that they will save you money. During the time that my husband worked as a PDR tech I saw these types of shops turn out work with covered-up damage, extra holes drilled in body panels and areas like the roof of a vehicle that are harder to check not completely repaired. Of course some of these PDR tech’s are honest and reputable – but you are better off using the body shop your insurance agent recommends.

 • Once your vehicle is in the shop for repairs, PDR techs and the body shop may find that the insurance company under-estimated the amount of damage. If that is the case the body shop will contact your insurance company and will request a supplement.

 • If you file a claim, make sure you follow through and have the damage repaired, otherwise the insurance company will not be required to pay future claims you may try to make.


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