Haitian Earthquake: How Can I Help or Make A Difference?

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All day long I kept hearing about the horrific, monumental devastation that has shaken Haiti to it’s very core. My heart has been aching for those who have family members who have been hurt and those are are missing. I know that I can’t physically help in any way, but I know that I can help by opening my heart in prayer and my wallet. If you are wanting to help, but don’t know where to turn, here are a few organizations where your financial aid can make a difference.

Heart to Heart – This organization is based right here in the Kansas City Metro area and they provide personal care kits to the families affected by the quake.

The American Red Cross – They were immediately in that area and have already depleted most supplies they took with them. Donations are greatly needed.

I also post this as sadly, there are people in this world who will create false sites in an attempt to scam people from any money they wish to donate to help the relief efforts. Make sure the organization is trustworthy and that the site has current security features in place before entering your credit card information.

If someone contacts you over the telephone to try to collect information, including your credit card, so you can donate, I would recommend that you advise them that you are (or already have) donated elsewhere.

Please also, if you are praying person/family, continue to send up your prayers for this country as well. I know that is the one thing I have been doing for them since I first heard of what happened.

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