Handheld Foodsaver Vaccuum System Possibly Less Than $10.00

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There is a coupon available on Red Plum for $10/1 Foodsaver Vacuum Sealing System.  There is not any mention of styles or model numbers.  So, use this coupon to pick up the Foodsaver Handheld Vaccuum System for less than $10.00 at Walmart, Target or even Lowe’s — they retail around $19.75 – $19.98 at these  retailers.  Now, I have not had a chance to check to see if this coupon “beeps” — but it is certainly worth a try.   Don’t forget to take along your coupon for $3/1 Foodsaver bags as well.


  1. nicole says

    Hmm… what price chopper was that? Did they actually take the coupon? I thought they had a limit on the dollar amount on printables.

    • Dixie says

      It is the Price Chopper in Olathe (151st & Mur-Len) . I had not tried to use it….yet so I do not know if they will take it or not. I took a pic of the product though to send to a friend before this coupon came out. I guess we will see.

      • Dixie says

        Good news! I bought mine tonight at the Price Chopper and no issues at all. A Co Worker bought it at Price Chopper last night with no issues. I think this is an older model as it seems taller. It comes with the Vaccuum, Stand and 1 1/2 qt container. $47 off so it is $12.99 and then the cpn made it $2.99. For that price I was willing to give it a try 🙂 As of tonight they had 7 left.