Happy Birthday Garrett!!

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Time for a proud mommy moment!  Today, my son is turning 4 years old.  My husband and I have a saying “The days are long but the years are fast.”  And that statement could not be MORE true!  I really find myself looking at him and thinking when did you go from fitting into my arms to being able to wrap them around me to give me a hug?  Wow.  Just wow.  Yes – I’m getting all sentimental about it.  The good thing is that birthdays around here do NOT break the bank.

We don’t have a big shindig every year for our children.  They each get to have a large party with friends and the whole nine yards every 2 or 3 years.  On the off years, we still celebrate, of course.  Each child gets to pick the type of cake they want and I take the time to personally create it.  Now, Ace of Cakes won’t be beating down my door any time soon, but I make them with love and that’s what matters most.

We invite their grandparents over.  They open gifts. And of course, we sing Happy Birthday.  It is so laid back and so nice to just really take time to enjoy the kids.  To watch them and take in the day instead of running around tending to party things and missing out on the day (I’ve done that my fair share of times). 

We were lucky this year when it came time to by his birthday gifts.  We paid nothing.  I saved up my Swagbucks to purchase Amazon gift cards and used them to pay for the few items that we are giving to him.  Of course, not everyone can do that.  All year long I watch for clearance items and pick up things here and there.  I watch Amazon for when prices drop so I can swoop in and pick it up at a lowered price.  These are easy ways to find that special birthday gift for your favorite birthday girl or boy.

While our “big” celebration is not until this weekend, we just knew that we couldn’t let him wake up without opening one gift.  So, we gave him a baseball mit and glove.  He was thrilled.  Now I can’t wait until our “John Deere Boy” sees his new John Deere Bicycle!  Which leads  me to ask the question……any guesses on what we might have on his cake this year???


  1. Jenna says

    Awe… Happy Birthday to your little man! The years do go by sooo fast may little man is not so little and will be 16 this year athough when you said Garrett is turning 4 my mind raced back to when mine was 4 such a wonderful time. Enjoy!

    • Tracie says

      LOL — you know what though – I don’t think he’d care. As long as it has a tractor, he’ll be good!

  2. Heidi says

    Happy 4th Birthday to Garrett! Our daughter turns 4 tomorrow, so we’re doing the same by giving her a little princess bicycle tomorrow & having a smaller Veggie Tales themed birthday party on Saturday!

  3. says

    Happy Day little man … can’t wait to see pics!! I can’t get over how the years fly by…. enjoy the moments!!!

  4. Coralee says

    Happy Birthday to your little guy! Time does fly. I am so glad to hear how you celebrate your birthdays, because we have always done it that way too. Many people would say negative things about us doing it that way, but we make it special – they choose the menu, the dessert, I decorate the table for when they wake up and we get to do something special like go to the zoo, park, etc. as a family. My boys really look forward to their birthday parties that they can invite friends too and this year is the year they get to have one. Enjoy!

    • Tracie says

      I have nothing against people who want to do a big party each year – it just honestly isn’t in our budget. So you are absolutely not alone. And I bet there are more parents like us out there too!

  5. Kimberli says

    Happy Birthday to him, hope he had a wonderful day!! We do the same as you with our boys’ birthdays and they’re so happy to be surrounded with family and get to play with their cousins – they’ve never had a big, fancy party so this is a big, fancy party to them and they are so happy for it!! Can’t wait to see your cake!